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Rainstorms to fall on San Francisco again

Get ready

Tourists with umbrellas take a glimpse of San Francisco in the rain from the viewpoint at the Lone Sailors Memorial. Photo by Tony Prince/Shutterstock

A series of storms—three, to be exact—are expected to blanket the Bay Area. The first of which started Wednesday morning. Small stream flooding and hazardous weather warnings will most likely follow this week’s downpours.

What’s more, the already wet ground could see even more damage. “This amount of rain on top of already saturated ground will always cause problems,” says Steve Anderson of the National Weather Service.

Winds will also ramp up over the next few days. According to SFGate, “Accompanying the rain will be powerful winds that will gust up to 50 mph, threatening to topple trees and power lines up and down the region. The weather service issued a wind advisory stretching from Sonoma County south to Monterey County.”

Thunder and lightning are also expected to come crashing down on Thursday. But no promises there, of course. (From the local TV weather report to our iPhone’s weather app, the Bay Area is typically assured a thrilling electrical storm in the sky. But more often than not, those promises rarely come true, with neither a flash nor crash to be seen or heard.)

Last week’s atmospheric river events led to widespread damage, flooding, and even the toppling of a cherished landmark.