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St. Helena house, with its own vineyard, asks $33 million

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It comes with $7.2 million worth of wine

The facade of the sprawling estate house at 2900 Mountain Road, with a pool in front of it. Matthew Momberger

What if just moving to wine country is not enough? What happens when a buyer actually wants a piece of that Napa action themselves?

In that case, the bill may run as high as $33.15 million, as is the case with 2900 Spring Mountain Road in St. Helena, a 9,600-square-foot, seven-bedroom, six-bath estate that comes with 40 acres of land, about eight acres of that a producing grape tract.

St Helena is a town of about 6,000 people and somewhere in the neighborhood of 225 wineries. This circa 1998 Italianate estate on Spring Mountain Road goes under the label Juslyn Vineyards.

It’s the product of a couple of British ex-pats, Carolyn and Perry Butler, who sold their software business and scampered off to live out wine country dreams in the late ’90s.

The couple has been producing wine here since 2000, although the hillside has apparently been grape territory since 1880.

In fact, the purchase of the home comes with its present stock of wine, which the Butlers value at over $7 million in its own right. Quite a signing bonus.

And then, of course, there’s the ultra-swank home itself and the extensive, non-grape growing grounds, studded with stone gardens and ponds, plus a private helipad. (Helicopter not included, which is probably smart given all the wine that’s around.)

This will be the first time it’s been sold since the Butlers broke ground on it almost 20 years ago, although there have been some listings for it in the past that never yielded a sale.

Last year the estate went to auction starting at $14.5 million. In 2014, the asking was $28.3 million.