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Curbed Comparisons: What $5,200 rents you in Oakland right now

Five for five in Oakland, from Mosswood down to Jack London Square

Welcome to Curbed Comparisons, a regular column exploring what you can rent for a set dollar amount in different neighborhoods. Today we again take the trip across the bridge to Oakland. Is one person's studio another person's townhouse? Let's find out. Today's price: $5,200.

↑ Although Oakland is not nearly as affordable as it used to be, a dollar still stretches further here than in San Francisco. And $5,200/month stretches all the way to a knockout two-bed, one-bath, nearly 1,900-square-foot live/work loft in Jack London Square. The port cranes sit right smack dab outside the warehouse-style windows, and anybody who’s a sucker for exposed concrete would fall for this contemporary gem. The glossy black spiral staircase leading to the second floor is a nice touch, too, as is the private roof deck. It’s pet-friendly too.

↑ For those who don’t dig industrial chic, a condo in a more refined mode may be procured for less, and the building sits right on the lake in Adams Point to boot. The soaring, deco Bellevue-Staten apartments (aka the “Ghostbusters building”) dates to 1929 and is every inch the looker, appearing almost Gothic when viewed from afar. Inside, a two-bed, two-bath, pet-friendly apartment is $4,995/month. That’s actually just below today’s price bracket, but style points demanded its inclusion.

↑ Renters who have left condo living behind in favor of life with both feet planted solidly on the ground, the Mosswood neighborhood by MacArthur BART features this two-bed, one-bedroom house on Webster Street for a round $5,000/month. The landlord is advertising “January free,” which isn’t quite the deal now as it might have been two weeks ago, but it remains a nice little place and a classic in its own right, dating to 1922. Bring the cat.

↑ Speaking of style points, Oakland has never been short of Victorians to rival those on the other side of the bay. In Bella Vista, a remarkable looking four bed, two-bath Vic with all the trimmings (literally, take a look at the trim) also asks a full $5,000/month. All that does buy you access to a gorgeous yard too (packing two ponds, two fountains, and one lemon tree), and among the suite of rooms is a “breakfast bunker.” Sounds sturdy. The ad leaves out mention of family pets, but fingers crossed.

↑ Finally, the best of both worlds come together in a house right on the lake (again in Adams Point, just a few blocks from Children’s Fairyland), to prove that Oakland renters with cash to spare don’t have to give up detached living for aquatic views. There are only a few photos so it’s tough to judge, but it’s three beds and one and a half baths baths for $4,999/month. No cats, but dogs are okay. (Who’s a good boy?)