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This is San Francisco's cheapest house for sale

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San Francisco’s newest member to the Under $700K Club is a detached fixer in Ingleside

Billed as “single family home as an alternative to a condo,” this detached 1912 Ingleside home at 218 Grafton isn’t particularly showy. But what it lacks in facade pizzaz (terracotta-painted stucco and wood siding make up the exterior) and interior glory, it more than makes up for in affordability.

Boasting a reported 1,044 square feet, the top floor features a living room, two bedrooms, one bathroom, and an eat-in kitchen.

Photos via Estately, courtesy of Coldwell Banker
Photos via Estately, courtesy of Coldwell Banker

The lower level, which, per the listing, “may be unwarranted,” has a separate room “which has been used as a bedroom,” a bath, and laundry room.

There’s also a garage to boot. And at this price point, such a luxury borders on real-estate unicorn territory.

According to Coldwell Banker open house agent Jimmy White, this house “offers newer or first time homebuyers an opportunity to get in on the action of owning a home in the expensive San Francisco market.”

Asking is $499,000, making this the most inexpensive asking in San Francisco right now, with no strings attached. (Which is to say, there are a couple other less pricey detached houses available in the city, but those fall under the BMR umbrella.)

However, it will most assuredly fetch for way over such a pipe dream of a price tag.