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The High & the Low: SF’s most and least expensive homes this week

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A modest week proves a winner for the Richmond, while Bayview wins again

Courtesy Prestige Realty

Friday is time for the High & the Low, a Curbed column chronicling the most and least expensive homes sold in San Francisco in the last seven days. What surprises did the week hold?

It was a quiet week on the city’s most popular real estate platforms, with the most expensive sale of the last seven days being a modest cash-out in the Outer Richmond, a neighborhood that’s never graced High/Low before.

The home at 691 29th Avenue is yet another renovation and flip of an old structure. When it was built in 1941, this was an ordinary two-bed, one-bath house. But after its 2015 sale for just over $1 million and a suite of building permits issued last October, it’s now bustling with four bedrooms and four and a half baths.

One look at the ultra contemporary interiors shows where the money went; the skylight, stairwells, powder room, and lively facade are all new.

The new selling price: more than $1.85 million. An impressive turn compared to its last price and its October listing of $1.75 million, but quite modest compared to what’s usually the week’s big seller. But they can’t all be moonshots.

And the most affordable home sale all week was in none other than two-time (back to back, no less) Curbed Cup winner the Bayview, and the fact that the southside neighborhood so often comes through with semi-attainable listings on decent homes is no doubt a big element of its continued success.

In this case, the price was $568,000 for a one-bed, one-bath condo at 5900 Third Street, down $20K from its early October listing. And yet, this same place sold just four years ago for $385,000, and there’s no big renovations going on here. It’s just the rising popularity of the city, and the neighborhood.