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High & Low: SF's most and least expensive home sales this week

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Hunters Point breaks new ground, while Pac Heights packs it in for a technical loss

Every Friday we look at the High & the Low, a Curbed SF column chronicling the most and least expensive homes sold in San Francisco in the last seven days. Here’s this week’s study in extremes:

The short work week means fewer sales overall since last Friday, but things are still busy up in Pacific Heights, where 2707 Laguna just closed a sale for $4.6 million. This Vic from at least 1900 experienced such a sweeping remodel that we declared its Victorian pedigree virtually unrecognizable when it hit the market just over two weeks ago.

While the five-bed Laguna redux enjoyed a fairly quick sale, that $4.6 million price tag should possibly give us pause. While it’s $105,000 over the list price, it might still technically count as a loss.

Tax records say this house last sold for an even $4 million in 2007. Four million dollars in 2007 has the same buying power as about $4.64 million today (as the Bureau of Labor Statistics calculates recent inflation).

Depending on your point of view, the seller might have come up short (especially considering the money put into the house over the past nine years), a rare net loss in a tony neighborhood. Then again, the kind of person who spends $4 million on a house in the first place might not worry too much about the equivalent of forty grand.

Meanwhile, the most economical home purchase this week happened down in Hunters Point, at none other than the Shipyard, the 700-acre development on the southeast side.

Here, a 744 foot one bed condo with a Spartan but tasteful interior sold for $580,000 on Wednesday, a small $5,000 discount off of the list price on the newly minted, never-before-sold home.