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Oakland midcentury modern, in near-pristine condition, asks $925,000

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Built by a Norwegian designer, the midcentury gem at 5958 Bruns Court in Oakland, at the border of Piedmont and Montclair, has been with the same family since 1938. Now, for the first time in its history, it’s landed on the market.

Coming in at three beds, three baths, and 1,882 square feet, the home features original oak floors, fireplace, formal living and dining rooms, oak banister and staircase, wine cellar, and a separate living space underneath.

According to ad, "[t]he property is under the arbor of the Five Sisters, five poplar trees planted in the early forties, which now soar majestically above the back side of the property."

Also of note is the foot access to local shopping. Ideal for those of us who don’t want to spend most of our lives inside a car.

Overall, a rare chance to own a barely touched midcentury that’s maintained its original integrity over the decades. Splendid.

Asking is $925,000.