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Bonkers Pacific Heights Queen Anne, first time on market in a century, asks $7.4 million

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Renovated Vic keeps its integrity and original floor plan

If you have a family the size of The Brady Bunch or techie commune in need of expansion, then this would be the place for you and your massive brood. A stellar piece of work right in the tony heart of Pacific Heights.

In all, there are eight bedrooms and three and a half baths (yikes!) at 2511 Pacific. But what it lacks in an abundance of bathing facilities, it more than makes up for in contemporary aesthetics mixed with old-school charm.

Do take notice of the prohibition bar upstairs, the attic rooms, intact tile in the bathrooms, and overall loveliness. The white interiors work beautifully here, opening up an otherwise sectioned off house.

Hopefully the future owner(s) don’t renovate it beyond recognition.

Asking is $7,495,000.