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Renovated Victorian duplex in Noe Valley asks $1.4 million

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A-frame beauty in hipster-free neighborhood seeks family

"Where do San Francisco hipsters move when they grow up," asks the copy on 316 Vicksburg. The answer? "Noe Valley."

Which, indeed, seems accurate. Neither man bun nor pair of librarian eyeglasses to be seen at the 24th Street Whole Foods. And the neighborhood’s Happy Donuts has yet to be converted into an artisan doughnut concept.

But what has been transformed is this circa 1900 A-frame Victorian duplex.

Coming in at three beds, two baths, and around 1,650 square feet, the top floor features two beds and one bath, while the bottom unit boasts one bed and one bath.

The entire house was owned by the same family since 1977. Asking is $1,499,000.