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Live in Russian Hill apartment for the totally reasonable price of $7.5 million

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Would you pay this much for an entire floor in San Francisco?

Designed by Willis Polk & Co. in 1927, the high-rise at 1090 Chestnut stands tall and prestigious as a pinnacle of unabashed luxury high on Russian Hill. Opulent. Majestic. Bonkers. This glorious full-floor unit probably reeks of Chanel No. 19, Shalimar, and days gone by.

Nary an antiseptic wall to be found, this four-bed, three-and-a-half-bath, approximately 3,300-square-foot apartment landed on the market this week for a cool $7,500,000.

Chandeliers, fireplaces, moldings, archways, and an anxious chill in the air that only extreme wealth can emit, this place is a moneyed fantasy to come fruition.

But not just anyone can live here, dahling. This building is a co-op, so you would need to sit down for new-owner interview and then be approved by the co-op board. What’s more, there are rules about pets and you can not rent out the place.

Monthly HOA dues are $3,776. Oh yes.