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Corona Heights midcentury with extreme roof asks $1.79 million

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Curb appeal comes in unexpected flavors

Love it or hate it, the house at 22 Saturn is primed to make an impression at first glance. Nobody is going to walk away from this place without an opinion one way or the other.

Wrapped in shingles from head to toe like dragon’s scales and sporting a midcentury roof gone mad, this three-bed, two-bath Corona Heights home (Saturn Street is a short corridor parallel to 17th Street, sporting stairs for half its length) asks $1.79 million for the privilege of indulging in its sleek eccentricities.

The house last sold for a cool $1 million back in 2003. Despite appearances, the building dates to 1908, although we would question how much of the 1908 version remains. The major remodel in 2000 is clearly the determining factor in this home’s identity.

Inside, the loft-style third floor gets you up close and personal with that ceiling and its rows of slotted skylights, and the roof deck continues the habit of dramatic angles.