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San Francisco’s 11 biggest homes for sale

Titanic undertakings, one and all

Previously, real estate site NeighborhoodX gave us a rundown of the smallest homes for sale in San Francisco. There was no way someone wasn’t going to follow this up with a sequel in the form of the city’s biggest homes, and here indeed is NeighborhoodX again with the goods on the city’s most mammoth manors.

In terms of proportions, it’s not even close to a close race: The biggest property on the market totals an unbelievable (by San Francisco proportions) 16,000 feet, nearly 6,500 more than the number two spot.

And no surprises about where the big fish swim: Four of the top 16 properties by size are in Pacific Heights, three are in Presidio Heights, and two are in the Marina/Cow Hollow.

While big homes lack the kitsch charm and everyday practicality of tiny homes, they cannot be ignored. After all, they’re too big.

2820 Scott Street

Is it good to be the king? Weighing in at 16,000 square feet and priced at $28.5 million, 2820 Scott is far and away San Francisco’s biggest home, and also presently its most expensive. Last time it hit the market it was number three, making this colossal seven bed Italianate villa from 1905 something of a social climber.

2476 Broadway Street

Number two by a wide margin at 9,578 feet, this six bed, four-story pad forsakes the classic Italian opulence of the Scott Street mansion for a cool and reserved modern aesthetic. It entered the market at $22 million back in May, but has since dived down to $19.5 million.

2250 Vallejo Street

Third place is a tight race, with this apartment building turned villa throwing around 9,095 feet. It’s still hanging tough with a $28 million asking price that hasn’t budged in ten months. Back then it was the priciest house on the market, but has since been unseated several times.

201 Locust Street

The big George Applegarth house on Locust (San Francisco’s most unintentionally sinister-sounding street) commands the number four spot, another significant slide down the ladder at 7,045 feet. The four bedroom count is a little conservative compared to the big three as well, but it makes up the difference in style points. This one dropped a million dollars off its price in August, down to $10.5 million.

2140 Jefferson Street

Remick Architects $9.25 million Marina Mansion works out to an even 7,000 square feet and fifth place. Lest you get hung up on size, remember that this place basically abuts the Palace of Fine Arts.

3323-3325 Clay Street

So big it takes up two addresses all to itself, and yet a sixth-place finish with 6,505 square feet. When 3323 Clay reappeared last October we dubbed it a "Grand Dame" for its circa 1906 style. Since then it’s shed more than $1 million from the price, coming in at $9.95 million.

2480 Broadway

They ended up with 6,335 feet and seventh place when they finished remodeling this 1906 classic near Billionaire’s Row. The present $13.5 million price tag is a tumble from its $15 million opener back in May.

17 Buena Vista Terrace

A distinct trend is emerging as we head over to San Francisco’s eighth biggest home on the market (6,190 feet): The city’s biggest listings by size are all grand, opulent, mostly old, mega expensive houses that have taken huge price cuts lately. In this case, the 1909 gem with ballroom and staircase to die for dropped its asking by $800,000, down to $6.19 million. Draw your own conclusions about the state of very high-end real estate, we’ll just enjoy that it’s huge and classy.

2709 Jackson Street

A flag on the play with our eighth largest for-sale home: The latest listing claims 6,187 feet, but city records grant it a mere 4,320. Roomy though that is, it wouldn’t be enough to get the circa 1900 Vic into the top 16. We’ll default to the realtor on this one, though, since city records are always spotty at best.

1751 Lake Street

We’ve got to dive all the way down to the number ten spot on Lake Street (a home with a respectable 6,027 square feet to its name) to break out of the big money neighborhoods. This one’s in the Inner Richmond, which is admittedly not a cheap place to live either, but it’s nice to see that they can build big (and ask $6.38 million) outside of Pacific Heights too.

486 45th Avenue

In truth, this isn’t the 11th biggest house for sale in San Francisco. That would be 175 Francisco Street, with all of its 5,600 feet and armies of French doors. This house on 45th Avenue comes in only 16th place with 5,000 feet even, but we bumped it up the list for a reason: It’s the best value per dollar of any big house for sale in the city, charging only $399/foot. Just because you’re thinking big doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still keep an eye out for a deal.