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Under $700K Club: Mission Vic condo for $650,000

Straddling the line with Potrero Hill and your budget

We search high and low for something that looks kind of sort of like an affordable home in the San Francisco of 2016, hoping always to induct some quality real estate into the Under $700K Club.

But the club doesn’t get to visit the Mission very often. Today’s inductee at 838 Potrero Avenue is admittedly right on the edge of the neighborhood, walking the line between the outskirts of the Mission and Potrero Hill, but it’s just over the boundary and we’re happy to let it count.

This two bed, one bath number nestles in a slightly unexciting but nevertheless dependable looking Victorian that officially dates to 1900 but may well be older than that. (1900 is the city’s placeholder date for old buildings whose records were lost in 1906.)

At a list price of $650,000 it joins the club with a little bit of room to spare and clocks in as the sixth cheapest home for sale in the Mission right now. (Numbers five and four beat it out by only $1,000, so this is a bit more impressive a showing than is usual for sixth place.)

But for all that, it doesn’t look like a condo on the cheap, and seems particularly proud of its impressive ceilings, two-slot skylight in the dining room and all. This place last sold in 2006 for $450,000, about $537,000 in 2016 money and something of a bargain for the time, given that median condo prices at the time sat at about $730,000. (Those were the days...)