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Socialite’s soaring Cole Valley house asks $3.49 million

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No extra charge for the resident angel

There are all sorts of home amenities. 1591 Shrader Street in Cole Valley comes with an angel.

Neighborhood locals have probably noticed the soaring sculpture, titled Angel of Hope, at the circa 1915 property’s front walk. Socialite, author, and women’s rights activists Patricia Montandon commissioned it out of a cypress tree that toppled over on the other side of the house when she lived in this very home.

Any Cole Valley residents who have admired the gates and winged watchwoman over the years have an opportunity to finally get inside the three bed, three and a half bath, rustic-style home after it listed for more than $3.49 million today.

While Montandon hasn’t been a resident in over 15 years and there has been a little work done on it since, it’s not hard to see why the place appealed to her 20th century high-society sensibilities, boasting the likes of "French-paned casement windows," mosaic walls, and "18th century reclaimed Italian" floor tiles.

It also features probably the single greatest ceiling in the entire neighborhood, an elaborate, vaulted, exposed lodge pole affair made from pine that probably tacks $1 million onto the price all by itself.

A wing of the Sutro Forest encircles the property, and the garden even sports its own tiny waterfall. Because how could it not?

The house last sold in 2000, when Montandon passed it on for a cool $2.4 million. That comes out to about $3.35 million after inflation, making this list only a tiny appreciation, all things considered. Although, looking at the place, it’s likely bidding will drive that up a bit.