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Artist installs whimsical swing on BART train

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A playful, childish addition to your daily grind

Hunter Franks, self-anointed artist in residence at Bay Area Rapid Transit, made public transit commutes a more playful affair by installing swings inside random trains.


Citing "the unemotional and often negative experience that is riding the subway," Hunter also created several other art pieces (which he calls "interventions") such as a four-foot Craigslist missed connection ad, which he put up on the wall at a BART station, as well as a hopscotch court in front of an automated ticket booth.

This isn’t the first time someone has installed a kid’s toy inside a BART train. Back in 2009, pranksters did the same thing near the 24th Street and Mission station.

For your enjoyment, check out Hunter’s swing on action:

And here is some of this other BART-related work:?


A photo posted by Hunter Franks ( on


A photo posted by Hunter Franks ( on

Missed Connection currently on view at Civic Center BART station #noBARTwithoutART

A photo posted by Hunter Franks ( on