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High & Low: SF's most and least expensive home sales this week

Bayview dresses to impress, and a Pac Heights realtor sells her own house for a mint

Friday afternoons are time for the High & the Low, a Curbed SF column chronicling the most and least expensive homes sold in San Francisco in the last seven days. What are this week’s farthest vistas in the contest of extremes?

It’s not unusual to visit Pacific Heights when looking for the most expensive home sale of the week, but that notwithstanding this beauty at 2741 Vallejo Street is a bit of an odd case anyway. The five bed, six bath, 4,600 plus prize sold for (wait for it) $8.8 million this week, after less than a month on the market. That’s a timely yin for last week’s yang, back when even the city’s most expensive home was "only" $2.6 million.

A look at the tax records, though, reveals something odd: This mammoth 1907 piece sold for $8.9 million back in 2006. When was the last time a Pac Heights house of this caliber sold at a loss compared to a decade ago? Turns out, the answer is never—as in, never even this once. Realtor Nina Hatvany insists that the 2006 price is a mistake, and that it was actually a much more plausible $5.9 million.

And she ought to know: Back then it was her own house. Returning to it after all of these years for this most recent listing occasionally a mixed blessing. "I oversaw a big renovation after I bought it, and being confronted with the decorating decisions you made 15 years ago can be a little surprising," Hatvany tells Curbed SF.

Conversely, the city’s least expensive market rate home sale over the last seven days happened in Bayview, a one bed, two bath, 1,000-plus foot loft at 828 Innes Avenue that sold for $636,000, $18,000 above asking after just about four weeks on the market.

But at first glance, you’d be forgiven for assuming that this place, too, was sitting pretty in Pac Heights, because it certainly looks the part. Some of that is the lustrous staging in the ad, of course, but even on its own merits this little place has married the style of an industrial loft with an atmosphere of elegance and class in a way that’s positively thrilling. Heck, a 1,000 feet is pretty big for a loft too. A very lucky find for one buyer.