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Smallest house for sale in SF packs a punch

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At only 557 square feet, this Outer Sunset home proves that size isn’t everything

It’s rare to find a beach bungalow north of Santa Cruz. It’s especially rare to find one in San Francisco. But this adorable little gem at 4429 Kirkham in the Outer Sunset is just that. And listed at a dainty 557 square feet, this makes it the smallest detached house on the market today.

The renovated 1906 construction comes with one bed, one bath, a dining room, and patio in front and back. We should point out, however, that is also shares property with another house, which means HOAs are involved to the tune of $100/month.

But holy smokes, this is one downright lovely starter home, replete with picket fence, crown moldings, wood-burning fireplace, new hardwood flooring, and more.

Granted, it’s not at small as 444 14th Street—the 363-square-foot Mission District property that sold in May for $550,000—but it’s just as charming.

Asking is $649,000.

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