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Drone footage captures Apple Campus 2 progress

An apple a day sounds like an awful lot, what if we pare it down to just one every four weeks?

With the end of one month fast approaching and the beginning of another coming due, let’s indulge our inner tech voyeurs once again and buzz the ongoing Apple Campus II project down in Cupertino.

You can dig up hours of aerial Apple watching on YouTube, of course, but as usual we’re checking in on the channel of our de facto eye in the sky Matthew Roberts. How popular are these monthly Apple updates? Roberts’ first check-in back in March accumulated a little less than 5,000 views. Last month’s has more than half a million.

While viewing figures don’t amount to a scientific survey, figures like that have got to make the Apple honchos feel pretty good about committing to the Norman Foster design. Here’s a few highlights of the September work done, and you can check out the full four-minute flyover below.