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Potrero Hill Edwardian won’t stop flirting, asks $1.6 million

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Quit toying with our emotions, you handsome beast

Oof. We here at Curbed SF usually swipe right when we come across an artfully-inclined contemporary structure or one of these downtown Gothic Revivals. But now and then, we yearn to runway with one of these low slung A-frame Edwardians, often found up in Potrero Hill.

Well, we’ve found a match via this four-bed, two-bath, 1,667-square-foot gem at 512 Mississippi. It last sold in 2001 for $635,000. During that time, it’s been renovated to feature new hardwood flooring, recessed lighting, white interiors, new kitchen and bathrooms, and more.

Purists might not feel any chemistry, seeing as how it’s been graced with a new open-floor plan, but at least it’s still pretty on the outside.

The upper level boasts two large bedrooms with skylights, while the downstairs features the master bedroom suite, which opens onto a large deck/yard. (The patio also has a water element, which—shhh—we kind of dig.)

Asking comes to $1,679,000.