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This top-floor Oriental Warehouse unit is why we still love lofts

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South Beach flat comes with exposed bricks and beams, ideal for any fan of industrial chic

On the heels of this concrete gem at SoMa’s Heublein building, we bring you this offering inside the renowned landmark building in South Beach, the Oriental Warehouse.

The top-floor flat features two beds (one bedroom, one "guest bed area"), two baths, and 1,514 square feet. It comes with reclaimed hardwood flooring, skylights galore with automated coverings, exposed beams, exposed bricks, and unabashed industrial glory. You’re also located next to AT&T Park, for better or for worse.

HOAs come to $567/month. Asking is $1,695,000.

A bit of background on the structure itself: The lofts were built in 1996 as an Edmonds + Lee-helmed conversion of the 1867 landmark Oriental Warehouse. The brick building once belonged to the San Francisco of the Pacific Mail Steamship Company, who pioneered regular trade, passenger, and mail service between the U.S. and Asia. It was later used as a storage and distribution facility for tea, rice, and silk.

It is arguably one of the city’s best examples of facadism.

The Oriental Warehouse

650 Delancey Street, San Francisco, CA