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Concrete beauty inside SoMa’s Heublein building asks $799,000

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Concrete beauty shows how condo conversions should be done

Way back in 1989, when eastern SoMa was filled with arena clubs and glorious gay bath houses in lieu of Crossfit gyms and artisan eateries, the 1915 Heublein building was way ahead of the game.

Before many SoMa lofts fell to the condo-conversion trend, the gorgeous concrete behemoth at Fourth Street and Brannan was already taking a turn toward the habitable.

And a condo inside this gentle giant landed on the market this week, featuring one bed, one bath, and 953 square feet. Much of its industrial past remains intact—soaring ceilings, concrete columns, and massive windows. (This building should be a blueprint for condo conversions.)

HOAs are $482/month. Asking comes is $799,000 (a bargain, if you will, compared to this one-bedroom that landed on the market in August at $1.37 million.)

Heublein Building

601 4th street, san francisco, ca 94107