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Robin Williams to get San Francisco park named in his honor

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Site of annual Comedy Day festival would bear his name

Robin Williams lived in the Bay Area for decades, shot some of his most popular films in and around San Francisco, and frequently popped up on local stages long after his celebrity freed him from having to hit the comedy circuit.

Two years after the comedian and film star’s death, the notion that he’s not around anymore still takes some getting used to. Now, a couple of other local comedians want to make sure that a little part of San Francisco keeps Williams’ memory by renaming a patch of Golden Gate Park for him.

The former Waldo Tunnel became the Williams Tunnel last spring, of course, but that’s not quite the same. For one thing, it’s not in the city. And another, although the rainbow motif puts some people in mind of Williams’ style and the tunnel provides a connection with the North Bay where Williams lived for years, it doesn’t really have much to do with him personally.

On the other hand, Williams would regularly pop up at the Comedy Day festival in Sharon Meadow (near Hippie Hill), and frequently pitched in charitable donations to keep the gig going.

San Francisco Park and Recreation has not yet confirmed whether they’ve given their blessing to the campaign. [Update: Park & Rec spokespersons now say they are indeed on board, although no one has engaged the formal process yet.] In any case, the sponsors must convince city lawmakers to go along with it, and also raise funds to replace the signs. Since Williams often put money into the meadow, a donation in his honor would probably buy a lot of good karma.