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Eichler Alert: Palo Alto midcentury gem asks $2.45 million

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Cool blue offering in Silicon Valley by the noted developer

Photos by Blu Skye Media, via Brian Chancellor

Palo Alto may have a housing shortage on its hands, but what stock it does have is rich with Eichers. Earlier this month, we saw this Eichler renovation hit the market at $2.6 million. And then, but a few weeks later, this Eichler with pool asked $2 million. Well, today have the latest offering from the iconic midcentury developer, located at 733 De Soto Drive.

Photos by Blu Skye Media, via Brian Chancellor

This handsome four-bed, two-bath, approximately square-foot-1,810 midcentury features all of the Eichlerian qualities we’ve come to cherish—vaulted ceilings, exposed beams, and more.

Updated touches, like hardwood floors and painted ceilings, add a nice touch.

Could it use a freshening up? Sure. That kitchen tile isn’t doing anyone any favors. But overall, a downright lovely abode.