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Dolores Heights teardown cottage tempts at $849,000

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Another day, another teardown in the city’s hottest neighborhood

Few rues in Dolores Heights are as charming as Liberty. Once the home of such luminaries as Tracy Chapman, it’s now where many tech ilk plant roots. And this teardown cottage lands on the market well under the million-dollar mark.

Coming in at one beds, two baths, and a mere 880 square feet, this circa 1900 home has seen better days.

But there’s a beauty lying underneath it all, should the home’s new owners choose to renovated in lieu of tearing down completely. Vaulted ceilings, woodwork, and a spiral staircase that punctuates the entire abode are just a few noteworthy features.

Also, as the ad notes, "renowned neighbors may also be afoot," which is code for Mr. Zuckerberg and Mrs. Chan.

Asking is $849,000.