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Former Nob Hill garage converted into tiny home sells for $50K over asking

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So small that the realtor wouldn’t reveal the square footage

In August, we saw this super charming, super small home in Nob Hill renovated to habitable perfection. Less than a month on the market, it found a buyer. And it’s easy to see why.

While the realtor wouldn’t divulge the exact square footage, it’s said to be one of the smallest one-bedroom houses in the city. "It's about everything but the square footage," explained McGuire Real Estate’s Carole Issacs.

The detached tiny house at 86 John—boasting parking, in-unit washer/dryer, bamboo wood floors, shared deck, skylights, and updated kitchen and bathroom—was once the garage to its neighboring residence, but was converted into a home in 2011.

Last selling in 2014 for $470,000, it sold in August for $650,000. Adorable.

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