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Dolores Heights teardown near Zuckerberg's pad asks $3.29 million

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Another day, another multimillion dollar teardown above Dolores Park

Well on its way to becoming San Francisco’s new Billionaire’s Row—aside, is the old-school SF society envious of the city’s self-made tech billionaires? One would assume as much—Dolores Heights has yet another teardown on the market.

Coming in at three bedrooms, one bath, and approximately 1,120 square feet, this 1910 house at 3751 21st Street hit the market at $3,295,000. A steep asking price for a teardown, as suggested in the home’s ad, which reads: "Design your dream home to take advantage of the views offered from 3751 21st...A special opportunity in a prestigious neighborhood which has been in the same family for 60 [years]."

The average home in Dolores Heights sells for sells for $2.2 million these days, according to Paragon. Which makes this home’s asking particularly jaw dropping.

While we would be surprised if it landed its asking, almost anything (save for affordable housing for all) is possible in SF real estate.

This house comes on the heels of this teardown at 3790-3792 21st Street, asking $2.89 million.