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Stunning Russian Hill Edwardian condo asks $1.99 million

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The addition of box beam ceilings and an additional bathroom bring this flat into chic territory

While stunning views are neither unique nor terribly interesting in many San Francisco homes—something to think about, realtors, when writing you ad copy—this Russian Hill condo, over at 2040 Leavenworth, does make a case for them. Perhaps it’s because the bay views are framed by sweet wall-to-wall box beam ceilings.

This 1906 railroad Edwardian flat has made some choice alterations over the last few years, aside from the new coffered back room ceilings.

One of the bedrooms was turned into its own spacious bathroom. The living room and dining room have been opened up. And new windows in the dining area added to show off the view. Do clock the two wood-burning fireplaces of yore—one in the master bed, the other in the living room.

In all, three bedrooms, two and a half baths, and 1,527 square feet.

HOAs come to $520/month. Asking is $1,995,000.