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High & Low: San Francisco's most and least expensive homes this week

LuXe demands a luxe price, while Oceanview Village provides low tide

Friday means it’s time for the High & the Low, a Curbed SF column chronicling the most and least expensive homes sold in San Francisco in the last seven days. So who scored what this week, and for how much (or little) did they get it?

It goes without saying that the highest price for any home in San Francisco this week was (and had to be) the $8.9 million investment in the Pacific, the most unabashedly fancy and high-priced of all new San Francisco condos. The sprawling corner unit decorated by Jay Jeffers went for an almost shocking $3,750/square foot.

Second place was yet another astonishingly high-end condo, this time the same LuXe penthouse that we spotted coming onto the market on June 30. After almost precisely two months, it wrapped up a sale for $5.1 million.

That’s a tad less than the $5.4 million it broke out with, but if not for the good times rolling even higher up on Pac Heights it would easily trounce every other seven-figure sale since last Friday. All told, it was a good week if you’re selling opulent new condos in San Francisco’s richest neighborhood.

For the most economical sale of the week, we look down: Down in price (by a margin of nearly 90 percent), down in elevation (from the summits of Pac Heights to the boulevards of Ocean View), and down south, very nearly right up to the line of the city’s southern border.

A one bed condo in the Oceanview Village building at 8200 Oceanview Terrace sold for $550,000. Odd as it may sound, the 750-foot floor plan is spacious, considering that homes at this price point these days are usually studios clocking in well under 500 feet.

Last sold for only $365,000 in 2004 (about $465,000 today), this placed floated back onto the market two weeks ago asking $51,000 less than its former sell price.