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What old-school SF things do you hope never go away?

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Besides your heart, what don’t you want to see go?

Every month seems to bring us news of another place closing its doors. It happens. While one of the great aspects of living in a big city is change, in large doses it can be too much. Sometimes major overhaul inadvertently affects a city’s cultural bent.

While stubborn nostalgia can be both dangerous and used as a defense for Peter Pan syndrome—alas, there are those among us who loudly decry a city’s growth simply because don’t want to grow themselves—unyielding change can take away a city’s aesthetic, rip out its je ne sais quoi, prune its diversity.

And while it’s easy to get depressed over the fact that many of the things that make San Francisco San Francisco go away, it’s good to celebrate the things that are actually still here.

What are some of the old-school San Francisco things that you hope never go away? Shops, cultural institutions, random neighborhood landmarks, the characters that make this city great—tell us all about it in the comments.