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An aerial video update of the new Apple Campus

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The big wheel keeps on turning

You’ve got to wonder what everybody down in the construction site of the ongoing Apple Campus 2 thinks about the constant drone traffic overhead. They must know we’re watching them all the time. Is it weird? Do they get paranoid? Do some of them like the attention?

We like to imagine that after years of surveying from above, we’ve developed a kind of relationship with these people, half-glimpsed, blurry dots though they may be. Very possibly they don’t pay us any mind back, though. After all, there’s work to be done.

Coming into September, the latest aerial survey from local Apple watcher Matthew Roberts (just one of many in the aerial Apple surveillance subculture these days) reveals a structure edging ever closer to those weird but compelling Norman Foster conceptual images.

The glass on the circular facade is almost all in place; cranes are lowering in elements of interior rooms, giving firm definition to the inside for the first time; the rooftops bristle with HVAC equipment, while row after row of generators and fuel tanks lines up like animals heading to the ark nearby; even the bike parking is starting to go in (considerately placed only a few feet away from the entrances).

Meanwhile, as all of us were distracted by the great ring, Apple has moved scores of employees to a new, enormous campus in Austin, Texas. It almost feels like a betrayal. But who could ever say mad?