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Welcome to Curbed SF’s second Micro Week, starting now!

A weeklong celebration of all things tiny in the Bay Area

In a town full of big progressive ideas and mammoth tech outfits, living in San Francisco, a city that’s basically a 7-mile by 7-mile peninsula, also means learning how to live small. Structurally speaking, that is.

From railroad apartments and water closets masquerading as bathrooms to miniscule Tenderloin studios and small stretches of street, a San Francisco lifestyle is an exercise in giving up the ample life that one’s suburban upbringing might have afforded.

And with that, —Curbed kicks off its second-annual Micro Week. Five days of stories, photos, and tiny floor plans that honor the popular and nascent tradition of small-space living in San Francisco, the greater Bay Area, and beyond.

In addition to full real estate and shelter coverage, you can look forward to first-person accounts of tiny living, exploring the city's smallest neighborhood, maps showcasing the petite homes on the market, and more. We’ll also take a look at some of the superslender buildings for those who are intrigued by living the narrow life.

Let’s do this, folks. And as always, if you’ve got something to say or have a tiny tip, the tipline is open at Let's get tiny together!