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High & Low: San Francisco's most and least expensive home sales this week

Another busy week in Pac Heights

Patricia Chang. Polaris Pacific photos by Christopher Mayer Photography.

Friday afternoons are time for the High & the Low, a Curbed SF column chronicling the most and least expensive homes sold in San Francisco in the last seven days. What are this week’s farthest vistas in the contest of extremes?

Once again, the most valuable sale of the week happened at the Pacific, recently completed (more or less—they’re still working on the grand penthouse upstairs, presently an almost entirely empty shell) at 2121 Webster.

The sale of number 506 wasn’t nearly as jaw-dropping as the $3,750/square foot score on the sixth floor two weeks ago, but at $6.2 million and $2,650/square foot in its own right, it’s sometimes good to be number two.

Officially, this condo was on the market for only three days before clinching the sale for just a little over the asking price, barely even though time to take any photos (which, if the sale happened any faster, would probably capture the new owner on moving day).

Patricia Chang
Courtesy Polaris Pacific
Courtesy Polaris Pacific

The high part of the High & the Low often takes us up to the heights of Pacific Heights, but today is an occasion for a double dip and a double take, because the most expensive ZIP code in San Francisco is also the site of this week’s most biggest bargain.

The tiny studio (472 feet) at 2786A Jackson sold for just $505,000 ($6,000 more than asking) after a little over a month. The two buildings, one just completed and this one dating to 1914, sit just more than 2,300 feet apart (separated by Alta Plaza Park), but manage to the extreme poles of all of San Francisco’s home-buying market, at least this week.