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Park(ing) Day 2016 scenes from around San Francisco and the Bay Area

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Park it

Every third Friday in September, folks don on their creative caps, head out to their nearest parking spot, and create a pop-up parklet for Park(ing) Day.

The idea for Park(ing) Day—wherein you pay for a metered parking space for a single day and use it as a site for an urban intervention/temporary installation—began with a single spot in San Francisco in 2005.

Art collective Rebar, who sought to test ideas of temporary design and car-centric urban planning, occupied a parking spot by covering it in grass turf, setting up a park bench, and a potted tree. And the rest is history.

Now folks from all over the world take part in Park(ing) Day, even if San Francisco’s output over the years has waned. Nevertheless, it is still a great opportunity to see what our streets could be like with less cars and more parklet action.

Here are some scenes from today’s tiny pop-up parks.

Come hangout with us in our #parkingday2016 install Pier 901!!! #parkingday #parkingdaysf #WeAreBAR

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Jenga, anyone?

The next three image sets show off a cool DIY pinball table.

Sure, let’s use an actual park here! Why not?

And over in the East Bay...

Sadly, not everyone is happy with Park(ing) day frivolity. Over in the East Bay, police shutdown Groundworks Office’s very cool looking park this morning. Alas.

And let's not leave out Sacramento.