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Spooktacular studio inside the Hamilton asks $479,000 (skeleton not included)

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Real estate agents will try anything to set their listing apart

Halloween is more than a month away, but that, it seems, hasn’t stopped someone from employing the use of a human skeleton in their staging.

Let’s back up a bit: A fourth floor studio at the (gorgeous) Hamilton building, located at 631 O’Farrell, has landed on the market. The art deco 1920 building is full of old-school charm, evoking that noirish Sam Spade/Lauren Bacall era for which the Tenderloin is famous.

HOAs come to $446. Asking is $479,000. A bargain for one of the chicest residential buildings in the city.

Now, why on earth is a skeleton, dressed in a sundry of assorted outfits, being used in the staging? Perhaps bones are the new bowl of green apples? Who knows. But you have to respect a commitment to a theme, no matter how ghoulish.

The idea to use a skeleton was dreamed up by Cece Blase of Paragon Real Estate Group. "I needed to be heard above the noise," she tells us. "His name is Skully and I've used him several times before, most recently in a Dogpatch listing."

Blase goes on to say that using the skeleton was ideal for the Hamilton since many of the tenants are "punk rock." Nice to know that old San Francisco is still alive and kicking. Well, except for Skully, that is.

Hamilton Condominium

631 O'farrell, San Francisco, CA