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Charming Bernal Heights starter home asks $975,000

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Indeed, a starter home in San Francisco is now officially a touch under one million (weep)

Those looking to buy their first abide in San Francisco, good luck with that. And also, here’s a great home in Bernal Heights that could prove a perfect fit for you and, presumably, your seven-figure salary.

Coming in at two beds (one of the bedrooms is a converted attic) and three baths, this renovated 1906 Edwardian at 205 Mullen reeks of unbridled charm. The dark blue facade, with matching fence, is especially tempting.

Three stories in all, this home will most likely be bought and renovated again (at the very least, the kitchen, which could use some serious work). However, the bathroom, replete with the very popular soaking tub du jour, is a stunner.

And dig that loft-like master suite.

Asking is $975,000.