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Mint Plaza penthouse asks a mint at $4.79 million

We’ve heard of printing money, but this is something else

The Old Mint on Fifth Street used to be in the business of making change. That is to say, not just stamping coins, but changing so much raw material into something more valuable by far.

The condos at 6 Mint Plaza right around the corner operate on a similar principle. Once they were just another disused space south of Market Street (a firehouse, to be exact), and now the three-bed, three-bath, 3,390-square-foot penthouse commands a pretty penny at $4.79 million, making this the most profitable employment of a disused fire station since the first Ghostbusters.

The building advertises these units (once luxury apartments but converted for sales last year) as "authentic loft-style condos," which poses something of a judgment call about what an "authentic loft" is and whether being "loft-style" qualifies.

In practice, it seems to mean they look the part—and you can’t argue with that, with the exposed concrete beams and rafters, warehouse windows, and floor plan so open that it’s practically falling out. There are some luxe touches to remind you that you’re getting the most out of your $4.79 million, including frosted glass partitions and pebble facade on the bathroom wall.

(By the way, if you really want to get a feel for the place, check out the virtual tour on the listing’s vanity site. Normally these virtual tours are uninspired, but this one is works quite well.)

A year ago we reported that this unit was coming on the market at "well over $5 million," but it doesn’t look like it had actually listed at the time. The city has no record of any previous sale here, except for the $21 million paid for the entire building back in 2014.