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Piedmont mansion is the definition of stately, asks $8.3 million

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Stellar 1930s estate could use a serious freshening up

Chicken in aspic with overcooked greens in pewter trays. Lively debates in the cigar room over Roosevelt’s New Deal. An office where your cold and distant father disowns you for marrying someone from a lesser family. These ghosts and more can be felt inside this downright stunning 1938 Piedmont mansion.

Designed by famed architect Albert Farr, this seven bed, eight and a half bath, 10,153 square foot abode at 395 Hampton Road features a library with fireplace, separate guest house, tennis court, and more.

The period decor and details are worth a second and third look. Poster beds, excessive draping, and a (mercifully) updated kitchen are all sights to behold. You can practically smell the shattered bottle of Guerlain’s Jicky in the powder room.

Last sold in 1992 for the tidy sum of $2,500,000, the new owner could do wonders with enough imagination and plenty of cash.

Asking is a whopping $8,385,000.