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8 glorious long-exposure photos of Bay Area fog

It doesn’t get much sweeter than this

If you're from the Bay Area, you’ve seen plenty of fog. It’s a fact of life, a constant neighbor, and a badge of the region’s identity.

Photographer Lorenzo Montezemolo has seen fog too, but he evidently sees it a little bit differently than the rest of us do. His Instagram and Flickr are filled with vivid, long-exposure photos of fog rolling over the Marin Headlands that show that while you can’t teach an old weather pattern any new tricks, with the proper composition you don’t really have to.

Montezemolo frequently photographs auroras, landscapes, and sunsets in Scandinavia, but the fog up in Marin seems to keep calling him back. Apparently he heads up there several times a week, and is generous enough to let the rest of us follow along via social media.