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Victorian-inspired Mendocino mansion goes to auction for $3 million

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Rambling Neo-Vic house actually built in 1997

When you visit Mendocino County, you’re more likely to think about wine than cattle. And admittedly, the enormous ranch sitting on 1,745 acres of Redwood Valley and going to auction this weekend has only about 75 head on it in any given year.

Still, the East Ranch (11535 East Road) is not a pretender, and neither is the $8 million assessment on the five bed, four bath (plus two half baths), neo-Vic home. The 7,200-square-foot house fancies itself a Victorian ranch, but was actually built in 1997 as an ode to the Victorian style rather than an example of the genuine article (which it was 96 years too late to technically qualify for).

The place is so big that the ad enumerates 24 miles of roads crisscrossing the property, on top of a redwood grove and "archeological site," plus a barn that’s almost 5,000 square feet in itself, an orchard, several natural springs, a lawn that covers 40,000 square feet, and 21 ponds.

As ponds go, that seems like a lot. Most people never even manage one. Auctioneer Platinum Luxury Auctions even promises a tax break on the land, since most of it is reserved as agricultural and open space.

The house itself is a big yellow prize that continues the buttery color pallet within while also boasting some particularly rich looking woodwork. This home does offer something of an existential paradox, as it features various "period details" like vintage finishes and fir floors…but of course, the technical period in question is the mid 1990’s.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the original owners employed 20 different moldings, and even push button light switches for the sake of authenticity.

The journal pegged the whole package at an $8 million value last year, and the auctioneers agree. But bidding will start on Saturday at $3 million.

As a final note, the original (and thus far only) homeowners, Linda E Pedroni and Rudolph H Light, were apparently quite active for years in circles working to preserve oak tree populations, the East Ranch even serving as the mailing address for the International Oak Society‘s election committee.

What kind of junk mail future residents are likely to get as a result of this we can’t say, but it will presumably be printed on recycled materials, so that’s nice.