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BART introduces straps for your bike

A simple, strapping idea coming to a train near you

Relief will be coming to the four percent of BART passengers who bring their bikes on trains. New straps will be affixed to the bike areas on trains in an effort to help cyclists from having to prop up their bikes themselves via their bodies or makeshift straps.

Sixty of BART’s feet of 700 trains will get the straps as part of a pilot program. Should they prove successful, the rest of the trains will get them.

Two types of straps will be used. According to the Chronicle. “One uses a Velcro strap to wrap around the frame of the bike, and the other favors a buckle to keep cycles standing upright.”

BART will also unveil a plan to help curbed bike thefts at East Bay stations.

After that, hopefully the transit agency will turn their attention to their urine-drenched elevators snafu. Just a thought.