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Palo Alto Eichler receives extreme makeover, asks $2.6 million

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A major renovation of the noted developer’s midcentury work could be too much for some—and we’re not talking money

Down in housing-anemic Palo Alto—a city currently sitting in the hot Eames for its lack of stock, affordable or otherwise—a highly renovated Eichler landed on the market.

While the 1955 home maintains some of the iconic developer’s signature flourishes—e.g., vaulted ceilings, exposed beams, floor-to-ceiling windows—most of the structure has been remodeled with a eye toward contemporary Silicon Valley trends and aesthetics.

Photos via Redfin

Reconceived in 2014 by Klopf Architecture, the house now merely hints at its midcentury roots. The hardwood flooring has been replaced by radiant heat concrete. Grey hues dominate most of the home, especially in the update kitchen and bathrooms. And the patio now features both a water element and newfangled fire pit.

4050 Ben Lomond - Palo Alto - Eichler

Coming in at three beds, two and a half baths, and 1,712 square feet, the home at 4050 Ben Lomond, though featured on the 2015 Silicon Valley Modern Home Tour, will raise eyebrows among purists. (For a truly bonkers Eichler, check out this Belvedere beauty.)

Nevertheless, a gorgeous pad in a sought-after town.

Asking is $2,675,000

Photography by David Eichler.