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Edwardian Ashbury Heights condo asks $1.79 million

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First time on the market since a dramatic 2011 overhaul

Did anything good happen in San Francisco in 1906? The answer is yes, if you happened to be building and designing Edwardian-style homes that would one day become condos in what would one day become the Haight. Because those folks turned out some gorgeous doozies that year.

Technically, this three-bed, two-bath, 2,300-square-foot number at 815 Ashbury, sits in Ashbury Heights. This is one of those tall, thin, beautiful homes flanking the Haight and Cole Valley with the cylindrical facades and Beaux-Arts love letter touches.

The frame and face do indeed date to the big year, back when the Haight area went relatively unscathed by the quake and fire. (Scores of refugees fleeing to your premises is quite a way to start becoming a prestige neighborhood.)

Inside, it’s three condos stacked on two floors, this bottom floor unit listing for a heavy-duty $1.79 million.

For that you get the coved ceilings, the marble baths, and the 1906 floors that they say survived the remodel five years ago intact. Our favorite part: The wide, open arches leaving a straight line of sight from bedroom to living room, interrupted by a short corridor with a period stained glass window. Classy.

This place last sold seven years ago right in the midst of the dump years for $1.34 million, which was quite impressive for the time.

This new listing is only a slight ($197,000) markup from the inflation-adjusted value of that previous sale. So maybe it’s time to wait and see how much that 2011 remodel is going to pay off in the bidding.