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Art deco neon Westwood Highlands dream electrifies to the tune of $1.2 million

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Finally, a San Francisco home that really, really stands out

The circa 1926 home at 818 Monterey is something of a local celebrity. Not only does it boast a neon address sign and a cool blue and violet facade, its art deco iron work and zigzag tiling lend this renovated jewel loads of unabashed whimsy.

After spending upward of $300,000 on renovations, the owner of this Westwood Highlands remodel has put it on the market.

Featuring three bedroom and one and a half baths, there are several eye-snatching elements at play here. For starters, neon. "The seller really likes neon," notes realtor Craig Ackerman.

This is evidenced not only by the exterior signage and lighting in the dining room, but also the wave in the bathroom, which was inspired by the sign on the High Tide bar on Geary.

The old fireplace had all of the fire bricks replaced, redone by Okell's Fireplace Shop in the Mission. Custom stained glass windows and additional skylights were also added.

And, best of all, it comes with a custom-made cat bathroom!

Per the house’s ad: "If the buyers are cat lovers, note that there is a cat lavatory on the landing of these stairs. This puts the litter box outside the living quarters of the house. The cat lavatory is ventilated into the basement."

A dream come true, felinephiles.

Asking is $1,299,000.