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Salesforce Tower update: 720-foot mark reached, Millennium surpassed

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Checking in on Yerba Buena's glorious, impending structure of note

Salesforce Tower is throwing shade at the Millennium Tower. Literally. As of today, the hyper-anticipated high-rise has reached the 720-foot mark, bringing it well past the Millennium Tower’s 645-foot status.

Currently coming in at 45 stories, the tower will grow a total of 61 stories before its topped with a "spire-type accent."

Gearing up for a weekend article on the soon-to-be tallest tower in the city, San Francisco Chronicle architecture critic John King paid the a visit to the construction site. Of particular interest, King notes via his Facebook page (which you should like, posthaste!):

For his part, architect Jeffrey Heller of Heller Manus Architects seemed happiest showing off the immensity of the tower's frame -- it's built as an exoskeleton, so there's no structural core. Instead, all the work is done by huge diagonal columns of steel that meet in enormous "knuckles" at various points along the way.

Also of interest is the fact that the Salesforce Tower and its other neighbor, 181 Fremont, are both built into bedrock. Ahem.

Look for King’s piece in this weekend’s edition of the Chron.