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World-famous hotel brands coming to San Francisco

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Airbnb domination be damned, the hotel industry is, it seems, still thriving—so much so that two famous names are slated to come to SF

Two major names want to offer travelers a place to crash in San Francisco.

First, Waldorf Astoria, storied iconic hotel in New York City, will build its first-ever San Francisco property, right in the heart of the impending Transbay Center area. The tony hotel will take up 20 floors inside streets, a structure that will feature two high-rises, one of them to be the second-tallest building in San Francisco, at 910 feet.

The building’s exterior will be designed by London-based Foster + Partners in partnership with San Francisco-based Heller Manus Architects.

"San Francisco needed a proper luxury hotel," John Vanderslice, global head of luxury and lifestyle brands at Hilton Worldwide, shadily explained to Condé Nast Traveler. "This project is ground zero for luxury there." (Cover your ears, St. Regis San Francisco and Ritz-Carlton SF.)

The hotel will boast 171 rooms/suites and feature several restaurants. It will open on 2020 or 2021.

In addition to the Waldorf Astoria coming to Yerba Buena, the city’s SoMa District will play host to a big (albeit nascent in the industry) hotel name. Virgin plans on opening their second U.S. hotel on Fourth and Folsom. As Curbed SF was first to report, the London-based company will continue to dip their toes in the hotel market with a place in the city.

While Virgin has yet to officially confirm all of the details, our sources tell us that the upcoming hotel will feature unisex bathrooms, rooftop bar, restaurant, and penthouse rooms that, typically called honeymoon suites, christened "rockstar suites." Not as luxe as the Waldorf Astoria, but exciting nonetheless.

Opening day has yet to be confirmed.

Virgin opened its first U.S. hotel in 2015 in Chicago.