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1975 Diamond Heights home receives crisp makeover, asks $3.1 million

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Contemporary renovation looks better here than inside our storied Victorians

Shingled facades. The great divider. While uncommon to see them in your more popular San Francisco neighborhoods, there are a smattering of them up in the hills. And this one can be found in Diamond Heights, nestled among the midcentury and contemporary abodes.

Coming in at five beds, five and a half baths, and 3,799 square feet, this "newly rebuilt from the studs up" contemporary home at 1 Jade Place features all the chic trappings of a recent update—open-floor plan, antiseptic-white interiors, radiant heated hardwood floors. But the real treat there is the mezzanine design that faces the bay windows. Wonderfully dramatic.

Also of note, this chronic contemporary renovation, seen so often these days, seems far more at place here than inside a Victorian or Edwardian.

Asking is $3,180,000.