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Now former California governor Pete Wilson will fight SF Warriors arena

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Here we go again

In what many consider a done deal, Mission Bay is poised to be the new home of the Golden State Warriors. Come the 2019 season, the Chase Center will be open. An 18,000-plus-seat complex, taking up eleven acres, it will feature restaurants, cafes, offices, public plazas, and more. That is, unless the city’s most persistent NIMBYs have their way.

UCSF, the Mission Bay Alliance, and SaveMuni, three deep-pocket outfits that have been fighting the area in court with little to no success, have finally scored a coup—former California Republican governor Pete Wilson.

Wilson, who served from 1991-1999, is helping halt the project in the budding neighborhood via his new law firm.

San Francisco Business Times has more.

Wilson was in San Francisco on Wednesday for a lengthy strategy and tactical session with his new employer — the law firm Browne George Ross LLP — aimed at stopping the Warriors' project, said a source, who asked not to be identified. Wilson's exact role, however, is unclear.

The anti-arena groups have cited everything from traffic congestion, environmental impact, and lack of access to the UCSF’s children’s hospital as the ostensible reasons why they do not want the Warriors in Mission Bay.

What does this all mean? It means that the battle will continue.

Stay tuned.

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