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What’s the best public bathroom in San Francisco?

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Spill it

Welcome back to Open Thread Fridays, where we ask you to tell us something about San Francisco real estate, structures, housing, and more. Have something you want discussed? Let us know.

Pee. We all have it. We all do it. Sometimes—ahem—even more. And when your bladder bursts at the seams but you’re three neighborhoods away from home, you have to relieve yourself somehow, somewhere.

The Macy’s sixth floor bathroom is famous and award-winning, but rumors of persistent fecal stench have been swirling for years. And those JCDecaux public toilets simply won’t do (for a myriad of reasons we don’t get into here.)

When you need to bend to the task, which public bathroom do you use frequent the most? Public bathroom jurisdiction includes civic areas (City Hall’s bathrooms, for example, are downright lovely) as well as privately-owned spots open to the public without charge (e.g., the lobby of SF MOMA, five-star hotel lobbies). Tell us exactly why you like it, too—chic, ease of access, clean, quiet, three-ply paper?

Have at it.