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One of the smallest houses on the market is big on appeal

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Tiny home could have you rethinking your larger-than-life ways

It’s no 363-square-foot Mission abode, but this exceedingly charming Nob Hill home is currently one of the tiniest offerings on the market in the sweetest of locations.

For starters, we weren’t able to pry the exact square footage out of the property’s listing agent. "It’s under 5000 square feet, let’s put it that ways," says McGuire Real Estate’s Carole Issacs. "It's about everything but the square footage."

She’s not kidding. This detached tiny home at 86 John comes with parking, in-unit washer/dryer, bamboo wood floors, shared deck, skylights, updated kitchen and bathroom, and more.

Surprisingly, it’s not a studio setup, which is to say that it comes with one bedroom, in addition to one bath, and a living space.

This cottage-style home used to be a large garage, but was converted into its own residence in 2011. The house is also a tenancy in common, which means HOAs are also part of the deal. Fortunately, they’re comparatively low—$152/month.

The home has traded hands several times over the past ten years, last selling in 2014 for $470,000.

Asking is $599,000.