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Eichler in San Rafael is simply too much, asks $1.6 million

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Do you approve of this midcentury gem's major update?

Photo via Eichlers for Sale

While many debate the proper way to renovate one of the signature developer’s homes—if at all, sneer the purists—here’s one interesting Eichler to chew on. This 1960 home in San Rafael’s Lucas Valley has been heavily upgraded.

And it’s landed on the market for $1,650,000.

Photos via Eichlers for Sale

While 85 Mount Tenaya features Eichleresque exposed beams and plank ceiling, it also has new details like multiple patios, Japanese maple trees, a new pool and spa, built-in fire-pit, and—yes—a water feature.

It comes in at four bedrooms, three baths, and 2,326 square feet. Beautiful. (But certainly nothing compares to this one in Belvedere.)